Creating business agility through digital inspection
Our mobile and cloud solutions deliver inspection intelligence for efficient asset management.
Inspectivity’s advanced computing technologies bring together technical knowhow and unique industry workflows to create a trusted digital inspection solution for the minerals, energy and engineering sectors. Traditionally, the inspection industry has relied on a uniquely qualified workforce, but through digital transformation we are allowing inspectors to complete tasks online faster, with greater accuracy and reliability. The outcome is a globally connected team with more time at hand to review and improve asset performance and outputs.

Transitioning to cloud based inspection is simple

Making the move to digital inspection is as much about cultural change as it is about automation. Those companies that are open to reinvention are the ones that accelerate responsiveness, improve service levels and reduce costs with intelligent processes.
We support our clients throughout the entire transition, investing significant time in customisation and software engineering to integrate traditional processes with new mobile operating principles.
An intelligent inspection platform

Accessed via any web browser, PORTAL our desktop application streamlines the inspection process with standardised workflows, task allocation and real time visibility of critical assets. Utilise the inspection dashboard to turn cost centres into value drivers thanks to real time operational data.


Connecting the onsite inspector to the engineer in the office, the GO app can be downloaded to your Android tablets. Complete checklists, capture photographs, annotate drawings and submit reports from the field. Our GO app hosts a guided on-site inspection workflow designed to remove any possible deviation or omission from the required data. 

All your inspection needs in a single platform
corrosion & coating

The Inspectivity Platform is the perfect solution for the performance of corrosion and coating inspections of piping, pressure vessels and structural elements.


Reduce duplicated effort by using project templates. Smarter systems and customised reports guarantee efficiency for you and your stakeholders.


Manage inspections and track all your project operations and maintenance history. Use flexible issue management workflows that match your business processes. 


A simpler and smarter way of tracking project completions and commissioning. Benefit from paperless workflows, get real-time updates and collaborate globally.


Generate equipment and defect registers in real-time using our dynamic technology. Our smart tablet app ensures you get rich and consistent results across all your inspections.


Simplify DROPS and other register style inspection projects such as hose managment and pad eye inspections.  Easily import existing equipment lists or create new in real time from the tablet app.

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Our mobile and cloud inspection technologies assist business productivity, improve decision making and reduce operational costs.